A radiant smile requires great care. Spa Dentaire Laval clinic meets all of your dental-care and aesthetic dentistry needs thanks to our advanced techniques. Let us take care of you as you enjoy the comfort of a Spa-style relaxed atmosphere. Spa Dentaire Laval’s goal is to provide excellent service in an environment that is conducive to relaxation.

ServiceS offered at Spa Dentaire LavaL

Benefit from the perfect combination of aesthetics and advanced technology. Whether for laser teeth whitening or aesthetic fillings, our techniques are state of the art. You can count on aesthetic dentistry to give you the ideal smile.
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sleep apnea treatement

Do you often suffer from fatigue? Do you lack concentration or drive? Does your spouse complain that you snore? You may very well have sleep apnea. Don’t take the chance. Make an appointment as soon as possible with the Spa Dentaire Laval team to obtain more information and cure this insidious disorder for good.
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Would you like to bite into a beautiful red apple without any problems? Spa Dentaire Laval’s NobelGuide implant technology offers innovative aesthetic solutions. Put an end to annoyances caused by damaged or missing teeth or by uncomfortable dentures.

In no time, you will be wearing solid, superb dental implants.

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(root canal treatment)


Do you have bad or damaged teeth? At Laval’s dental spa, we strongly recommend that, if possible, you keep your natural teeth by receiving a root canal treatment. With the endodontic treatment that we give you, you restore your ideal oral health and avoid having to wear dentures.

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Gum disease is difficult to detect, as it is sometimes painless and asymptomatic.

Make sure that you have healthy gums in order to maintain good oral health. For a dazzling smile, gums are as important as teeth. Be proactive and have a dental exam at Spa Dentaire Laval.

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Do you often get headaches? Does your jaw crack? Do you occasionally feel dizzy? Such symptoms may, among other things, be related to abnormal tension in your jaw muscles.

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  • Immediate dentures
  • Equilibrated dentures
  • Neuromuscular dentures
  • Implant overdentures
  • Vitallium partial dentures
  • Partial dentures with tooth-coloured clasps
  • Hygienic partial dentures (no palate)
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White teeth
Get a perfect smile with SPA Dentaire Laval
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